Ring Smart Video Doorbell Review 2020

Although the solutions to crime can be very varied and not all of them have to always work, it does not hurt to keep them in mind as a security barrier in these cases. Doorbell cameras or video intercoms are a very good way to control who is at your front door and above all to be able to see, in case of theft, the thief’s face (or at least have the evidence).

Ring, specialized in this class of doorbells, has launched its fifth video door entry unit:  the Ring Smart Video DoorBell,  with special functions such as a 1080p image output so as not to lose information and details such as a grateful removable battery.

The connected era has only just begun and, possibly, within a decade or several, all homes will be fully domotic. At the end of the day, it is the step to continue making the most of the technological innovations we have.

In this sense, Ring, the brand owned by Amazon, has presented during the current edition of CES a new smart video doorbell. It is capable of detecting even knocks on the door.

Ring’s Smart Video Doorbell 2020 Review

During these days CES 2019 is being held in Las Vegas (United States); an event in which the brands present their technological advances. Ring was not going to be less and has announced new devices that complete its smart ecosystem.

In this sense, they presented Door View Cam, their new version of the smart doorbell. This is a wireless and easy to install device that manages to turn the peephole of any door into a smart device, explains The Verge. Ring’s smart doorbell has a rectangular shape and a design that stands out for its camera and a circular blue LED.

ring smart video doorbell

Best of all, there’s no need to drill holes in the door or make other cumbersome modifications. It is enough to replace our peephole with Door View Cam, installing the rechargeable battery at the back of the door; while, the front part will be occupied by the removable front plate. In a few minutes you will have an intelligent security system.

Night vision and detect when there is a knock on the door!

The device’s camera manages to record and transmit video in 1080p HD resolution using the Ring application and includes night vision. Similarly, the device integrates an impact sensor capable of detecting blows and notifying it in the app. A very useful function considering that there are people who keep knocking on the door with their knuckles.

The Door View incorporates a series of intelligent alerts that optimize the alerts received by the user; that is, it warns the user only when necessary and not for irrelevant movements. It makes sense, since the neighbors can pass close often or, in the case of being a chalet, we can have the children playing nearby. Notifying all these movements could be annoying and that is what Ring wanted to avoid.

This new model has also added a new function capable of increasing the privacy of certain areas. Thus, the camera can pay less attention to areas bordering on neighbors and even disable audio recording. The smart doorbell is compatible with Alexa, so we can receive voice commands with notifications.

Smart lighting and smoke detectors

During CES, the Amazon sub-brand showed not only the smart doorbell, but also a large number of products that complete its ecosystem.

Regarding smart lighting, Ring has presented 8 products. These include a 2,000 lumen smart light that is motion activated and a wireless version of just 600 lumens.

Ring also offers battery-powered smart lighting systems such as a bulb, a high beam, and a low beam. As in the previous case, the products will first reach the United States market before landing in Europe.

Home security doesn’t stop here because Ring also has smoke detector sensors and flood and freeze sensors; thus helping to minimize the risks in fires or water leaks.


This doorbell camera has its strong point in the details. Equipped with motion and activity detection, it can also recognize two-way conversations. Its camera captures 1080p images, and thanks to these recordings, users can know what is happening in front of their doors, either live or in separate videos. In addition, it comes equipped with night vision; since thefts usually occur at night, the camera will be able to capture it if it occurs.

The installation of the camera is very simple; you just have to put it in a peephole that is compatible. You just have to remove the viewfinder from the peephole, but the front plate on the sides of the door and put the battery, which is removable.  Thanks to this battery that is located on the inside of the door, we will not need wiring of any kind. Suddenly and with a thud, the peephole in your house turns into an intelligent security camera.


Among other features, the Ring Door View Cam has the ability to detect door interactions. If for example someone is knocking on your door without using the doorbell, the camera will detect it and warn you about it. It is completely configurable, so that if we want to deactivate the audio or video of the recording, we can do it without any problem.

As for privacy, not everyone likes to see a camera located on the door of a house. The Ring doorbell camera allows you to set privacy zones; the camera will bypass these areas in your field of view. If it happens that you live in a community area, you can configure the camera so that it does not enter the neighbors’ house and respect their privacy. Finally, if you have a device with Alexa,  you will be able to control the Ring Door View Cam with it,  and you will even be able to make them talk to the person at the door if you ask them to.


We’ve tried to provide each and every single information about Ring’s Smart Video Doorbell. If this post helps you a little bit about taking a decision to buy Ring Video Doorbell, our writing will be successful. For any information please contact us without any hesitation. We are very cordial to reply to a single email. Thank you

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