How To Install Or, Replace A Door Handle? Step by step guide

It’s hard to imagine a high-quality, comfortable door without a handle. This element allows you to use the door leaf with maximum comfort. Install a new one or disassemble the old handle with your own hands. This process does not require much effort and free time. Today we will see in detail how to properly install door handle, as well as find out what types of accessories exist.

Varieties of door handles.

Don’t think that absolutely all door handles are the same. In fact, these elements differ in design and installation method. Let’s consider in detail what types of pens exist in today’s market.

  • Laying (not cut). Such variants of handles are very common. They are considered simple and uncomplicated. The top pens are installed as quickly and easily as possible, even a beginner who has never done similar work can do this. These handles should simply be attached to the door leaf itself.
  • Mortise These types of door handles are more complex and cunning. To fix these items, you need to pre-drill a hole in the door leaf of suitable sizes.

The types of mortise of the door handles are divided into the following types.

  • Rotary knob and model. These options unlock the door leaf. All operations are carried out due to the rotation of the holder. In this case, the pressure handle itself is not finished, as many users think. In many cases, these devices are equipped with special locking (locking) mechanisms, which lock the locking tab. Due to the presence of such parts, the door is obtained from the inside. It should be noted that these pens can be called very convenient to use, because they have round shapes.
  • Push or close. The second most popular are these subspecies of door handles. Their names speak for themselves: the mechanism of such elements is driven by light pressure on a special lever.
  • Hidden type. Separately it is necessary to highlight the handles of the interesting hidden doors. These devices are purchased most frequently specifically for all types of sliding systems. For example, these may be real compartment doors in our time. In the process of valve movement, these products do not interfere in any way, they do not damage the walls or the wallpaper of the room.

At what height to install?

Many users wonder at what height it is customary to install the door handles. There is no defined regulation. There are no standards for mango height. Usually in MDF or wood canvases, they are mounted at a distance of 1 m from the floor. Of course, the handle can be optionally lowered or raised, it all depends on the preferences of the owners.

It is important to note that the growth of households influences the choice of a certain distance from the floor to the handle. In practice, a handle that is 1m above the floor is optimal for both adults and children. When installing the door handle, consideration should also be given to the level of presence of the handles on the remaining door panels in the home. Remember: all accessories should be located at one height, otherwise it will look ridiculous and attract unnecessary attention.

Required tools

If you have decided to install the door handle yourself, you will need to stock up on all the necessary tools. These include:

  • a pencil
  • angle
  • measuring tape
  • chisel
  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • drill
  • crown

Instead of a screwdriver and a crown, other makeshift accessories are allowed, however, we should be aware that the quality of all work can be significantly affected by this, and will take longer. For this reason, experts recommend using only high-quality tools and not replacing them with analogs.

Door handle replacement step by step

If you stocked up on all the necessary tools, you can start replacing the door handle yourself. You should not be afraid to do such jobs with your own hands, they are very simple, even beginners can easily cope with them, who never before have come across these cases. All that is required of you is to follow strictly simple step-by-step instructions. A perfect video tutorial added that might make your work easy!

Door mark

It is necessary to start such works from a brand of an available inter-room cloth. Having calculated the height at which the handle will be located, it will be necessary to place marks in those places where the necessary holes will be made later. It is desirable to use a simple pencil, tape measure, and a corner. With these tools, you will need to draw a horizontal line on a plane. Then transfer it to the front and opposite side of the sheet.

On the front half of the door in the middle of the cross strip, you need to put one more mark. It is a place reserved for a recess of the language. From the extreme line of the sheet, maintaining a step of 0.6 cm, it is necessary to draw a point (on both sides of the canvas). This place will be assigned for the installation of the handle.

Drilling holes

The next step will be to drill the necessary holes to fix the handle and lock. No matter in which order you make holes, the most important thing to remember is that you should not rush into such matters. Be careful not to rush. Otherwise, it can seriously complicate the job. To cut the handle on interior doors, it is necessary to drill a hole with a drill and a special crown. For the hole to be uniform and aesthetic, it is necessary to do it inside and outside the frame, maintaining a depth of half the thickness of the door itself.

Professionals recommend greater durability and reliability to make a mark of this depth with the help of a marker on the crown. If done correctly, it probably won’t cause any harm to the product. To make the hole uniform, the drill should be kept straight – the tool should not veer to either side, so be careful. To properly hold the insert latch, it will need to be armed with tools such as a pen and drill. In the course of such work, you should be as careful and precise as possible, since the distance between the drill and the final angle is generally negligible.

Locking installation

Next, the door will have to install a locking mechanism. It must be inserted into a specially drilled opening Press the edge at the bottom base of the door leaf. Make a circle with a simple pencil (required from all sides). Then you need to clean, using a chisel, the base of the top layer and make a notch under the thickness of the invoice. This step is necessary to push the cover toward the base of the door. Next, the pad must be fixed with screws. The notches especially for them are, of course, made even before the installation of fasteners.

Side bar handle

It is not necessary to disassemble the models in which there are screws on the outside. When mounting one of the frame parts in place, it is very important to try to enter the bolt holes with two guide parts that have a specific thread for the bolts. Once the second part of the guide is inserted, the device should be tightened with bolts. The set screws required even movement so that the handle worked properly.

As for the products in which there are hidden screws, they should be removed. There will be very helpful detailed instructions as well as a specialized key. The handle can be removed without problems by pressing the stop key. Accessories should be installed in place only after the folding part is attached to the bolts.

Door markup

If you install the door handle correctly, you should make a special hole in the boot for the tongue. For this purpose, it will be necessary to transfer the dimensions correctly. Careful and careful marking in this case will ensure the correct operation of the lock and door design. To place labels, you need to cover the door and then mark the gap from top to bottom of the tab at the bottom. Find the center of the castle using the square. Put a mark on it. In the place of the marked marks it is necessary to make a deepening, and remove the excess material with a chisel.

Slot groove

Even before the moment you screwed in the invoice component, you should re-watch the interior door of the apartment close. If there is no friction and other similar defects, it will mean that the groove under the tongue was made according to the standard and is correct. Then try to close the door frame and don’t pull hard. If the leaf started to wobble, this should indicate that there is a negative design reaction. Don’t be afraid of this, there is nothing to worry about. When the slot is complemented by the attack plate, everything will be fine.

Furniture care

Changing the handle with your own hands is not difficult, but the procedures with this detail will not end there. This furniture must be properly cared for so that it lasts as long as possible and does not cause problems during operation. It should be noted that over time the door handles start to wear out and age, which of course affects their quality and performance. To take care of the door handles, do the following.

  • Clean them from dust deposits with specialized cleaners. Try to avoid formulations containing aggressive acids, alkalis and abrasives. These substances can cause serious damage to door hardware. Furthermore, under the influence of such means, handles can rust. After completing the wash, the product should be cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • It will be necessary to tighten the handles if they become loose. If you neglect the conduct of these simple procedures, the mechanism simply fails.
  • Try to handle door handles with the utmost care and care possible to avoid mechanical damage. Those can negatively affect not only the design of the products, but also their functionality.

Do not forget that you will have to competently take care of not only the handle itself, but also the locking mechanism. In this case, you will need to regularly lubricate the existing mechanism using specialized means. In certain cases, compositions such as sunflower or vegetable oil are used to replace them. We must not forget that it will not be so easy to get to most of the details of the existing design, because when lubricating they often use a convenient nozzle made in the form of a long thin tube. Some users for this purpose completely remove the general elements or disassemble the handle.

Helpful tips

Use the advice of professionals, to choose the correct door accessories.

  • Before going to the store, to purchase a new door handle, it is recommended to unscrew the old liner to take with you.
  • Experts recommend buying handles with a shielded inner cover. Such models are more expensive, but are more reliable and better protected against theft.
  • If you are looking for the simplest handles, you can stop at any option, from plastic to metal. The scheme of your installation from this will not change and will be the same.
  • If you lift the handle on double doors, it is best to give preference to models designed for swing covers. If you buy simple options at the point of sale, their installation may not be the fastest and easiest.

Hope this post will help you installing or, replacing your door handle with the perfect measurement.

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