How to clean white walls step by step with homemade tricks

There are many factors that can dirty a white wall. From children playing at home to pets, through any splashes and the dreaded spots of humidity. There are some tricks and home remedies to clean white walls that we can carry out depending on the type of stain that we have. If you want to clean white walls and leave them looking like new, there are some effective tips and tricks to get rid of all kinds of stains and the dreaded wall darkening.

In most cases, it will become the perfect solution. The cleaning method to use will depend on whether the wall is painted with a latex or oil-based paint :

  • Latex paint is cleaned with water and a cleaner.
  • Oil paint is cleaned with vinegar and a new degreaser.
  • Tempera paint is cleaned by wiping with a cloth to remove dust.

The preparation of the walls

Before cleaning white walls, the surface must be prepared by removing loose dust from the wall. The latter can be removed with a broom covered with a towel or with the clean brush of a vacuum cleaner. It is also important to check that there is no damage to the surface. If so, it can be covered with a little putty or a little paint on top.

To work more comfortably, it is preferable to remove all the furniture that is close to the walls. In this way, we avoid the risk of staining them and will clean the walls more easily. In turn, the floor must be covered just below the wall so as not to stain it.

The walls with latex paint

To clean the white walls with latex paint, we must use warm water and a mild multipurpose cleaner. We just have to mix a little of the cleaner in a bucket of warm water and dip a sponge. Then the sponge is passed along the walls, cleaning all the dirt and stains it may contain.

Once the walls are completely clean, we replace the water in the bucket with clean water. We take a new sponge and we pass it by the walls to rinse them. In this way, we will have a much cleaner result. Particular attention should be paid when passing the sponge near power outlets. The most effective solution is to cut the electrical system of the house to avoid risks. However, the latter will not be necessary if there is not much dirt around the plugs.

The walls with oil paint

The walls with oil paint are cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and detergent. The first thing we have to do is take a liter of warm water in a bucket and pour a teaspoon of dish detergent into it. Then we add a little vinegar and submerge the sponge to gently run it on the walls. This mixture will easily remove dirt, stains and dust that may be on the walls.

However, if we find difficult stains we can use a degreaser. When applying it to the wall, we let it rest for about five minutes and then we rinse everything with a dry cloth or sponge. Degreaser is the perfect choice for cleaning white kitchen walls.

Once we have cleaned the walls, we again replace the bucket water with clean water. We dip the sponge and rinse the walls. Ideally, continue rinsing until the water runs clear.

When to clean the walls

The best time of year to clean white walls is in spring or early fall. In both situations, the climate is still temperate and we will not suffer the rigors of the cold of winter or the heat of summer. This way we can easily open the windows so that the walls dry faster. The normal thing is to clean the white walls once a year.

You can take advantage of this task together with the general cleaning of the house. However, there are situations when we have to clean the walls more frequently. If so, any of the previous recommendations will be as new. Finally, we must not forget to clean the wall skirting. For this, you can choose a feather duster or a sponge brush. Handle scourers are also recommended.

In short, cleaning white walls is a task that does not have to be very complex. Having the necessary tools and products will not be a problem. You just have to take into account the type of wall paint to act in the best way. The result will be being able to enjoy walls like new.

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