How to clean the upholstery of the car (homemade tricks)

There are few sensations as pleasant as that new smell that emerges from the upholstery of our car just out of the dealership. Unfortunately, over time, this can change. Let’s see what we can do to avoid it.

Cleaning the upholstery of the car prevents bad odors and maintains good hygiene. Today we will talk about upholstery cleaning. 

Identify the enemies of the upholstery

Cleaning is an essential part of maintenance, good care will extend the life of our vehicle. To win the battle against dirt we must first identify our greatest enemies:

  • Tobacco: the smell of tobacco invades everything, both when smoking inside the car and when leaving the butts in the ashtray. If we also drop the cigarette on the upholstery, tragedy is assured.
  • Food: Leftovers have the quality of sneaking into the most remote places, not to mention “meltable” products, such as chocolate, that stick to the seats with great ease. Candy and chewing gum are also a great threat.
  • Drink: liquids are another element to avoid. They are capable of generating horrible stains, and in the cases of milk or coffee they add the odor factor, which is perpetuated if we do not act quickly.
  • Sand and mud: sand and mud are aimed at any trip. Inclement weather, visits to the beach or playing sports are the most common causes.

Before moving on to solutions, we must not forget that you can smoke, drink and eat outside the car. A stop in time will provide us with a good rest and we will avoid annoyance.

Although it would be cruel to include them in the “enemies” section, we cannot fail to mention those small occupants in the back seats who fill our lives with joy. As far as dirt is concerned, boys and girls are teachers. Among their main skills is vomiting at any time and without warning and they also perfectly handle the art of sticking any food or liquid on the seats while giving us a smile.

Cleaning the car upholstery

We have two options to keep our upholstery clean and shiny. The first is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive, and consists of going to specialized workshops. There they have the best products and they can leave our upholstery and seats like new.

The second option is to do it on our own. Obviously, it takes more effort, but if it is done well the results will be very similar and we will notice it positively in our pockets. Once our enemies are identified, we get to know our allies, who will help us win the battle against dirt and “restore order” in our cars.

How to Clean Car Upholstery

A good cleaning army should always have the four essentials: a vacuum cleaner, a brush, a dry cloth, and a damp cloth. With these four ingredients we ensure good maintenance, which would be made up of three simple steps:

  • Vacuuming: a good vacuum is the first thing we must do. It will clarify the terrain a lot and we will be able to identify those small spots that we could not see at first.
  • Air freshener or humidifier: air fresheners make the room more pleasant. Fortunately, today there are natural air fresheners and even humidifiers where we can use the aromatic oils that we prefer. They do not harm our bodies or the environment.
  • Soap and water: if we can use a special upholstery soap, better than better. Anyone who does not damage the components is also worth it. The procedure is that of a lifetime: rub, rinse and dry.

Let’s see now how to treat those other more stubborn stains that resist disappearing:

  • The mud: for the mud, it is convenient to use a brush with good spikes, with the help of soap and water we will soften the hardness until we are left with only the stain, which will be easily removed.
  • Chewing gums: for chewing gums, instead of softening we have to harden. For this, an ice cube is used. Then, with a spatula or similar, we will take it off little by little. It is one of the actions that require more patience, but the result is worth it.
  • Coffee and liquids: in this case we must act as soon as possible. Not so much because of the stain, but because of the smell that can be generated. The first thing we will do is try to absorb the liquid with napkins or tissue paper. Once we are left with only the stain, we can use a glass cleaner with the water to eliminate odors.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate seems worse than it is. Using our damp cloth with a little soap we should be able to finish it.
  • Ink stains: alcohol is our ally in these circumstances. Mixed with water, it acts on the ink reducing the stain. Our best friend, the damp cloth, will take care of the rest.
  • Vomiting: It will not be easy to completely eliminate the effects of vomiting. We can remove solid residues and rub with a brush and soap, but sometimes the smell is so strong that there will be no choice but to take it to a specialized place.

So with these tricks and a little bit of care and caring, we can probably sport our clean and scented upholstery for years to come.

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