How to clean the car windows (inside and outside)

Cleaning the windows of the car and that they are impeccable, is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also, and above all, safety. Cleaning the windows is usually a thankless and difficult task. In order to see a clean and almost transparent glass, that it seems that there is no glass, we have to use ourselves thoroughly, and even then, there will always be a small sign. And the same goes for car windows. It is never to our liking. But there are methods that make this task easier than we think.

Car cleaning: not for aesthetics, but for safety
Because cleaning the windows of the car gives us optimal visibility on the road, while keeping them dirty is dangerous for traffic, as it considerably reduces visibility. So cleaning your car windows should almost be a must.

Products for cleaning car windows
If we decide to clean the windows of the car ourselves, we will need a bucket, water, a hose if possible and we are in a place that allows it, a newspaper, a cloth or a soft sponge, and some products to clean the car. In this sense, there are discrepancies, since there are those who think that a neutral soap cleans well enough and has deodorizing properties, while cleaning the crystals with ammonia, in addition, disinfects and leaves the crystals much shinier and their cleaning will be more lasting.

Both options are valid and can be equally effective. The car windows can also be cleaned with window cleaners, but beware, you have to leave that for the final touch, since, if we apply it with dirty car windows, the only thing we are going to do is spread all the dirt.

The most effective window cleaner for cleaning car windows is the one that is formulated with ammonia. Vinegar-based cleaners, either purchased, or made with homemade, vinegar-based soap also work very well. We already showed you in another of our articles how to make homemade vinegar in a simple way, to it you would only have to add the soap.

The car windows can also be cleaned with alcohol. The dirt on the glassworks very well with this product, although it must be applied when we have removed the most embedded dirt based on soap and water, especially if there are mosquitoes, since alcohol evaporates quickly and would not be effective for dirt too much. embedded.

How to clean the car windows step by step

To clean the windows of the car, all the windows must be closed first, so we will make sure that no water gets inside. Then, we will use the hose to pour water under pressure, which removes all the dust, dirt and the most common dirt that may be on the windows. In this way, we will avoid scratches.

Afterward, we can use a synthetic cloth or a soft sponge, also synthetic, because this way no residue will remain and we will achieve a better finish. We can use neutral soap or clean the windows with ammonia or with a preparation based on vinegar or alcohol. With these last three methods, the crystals will be considerably brighter.

However, we can pass the hose again to remove all the soap residue, let the car windows dry well, and apply glass cleaner with a dry cloth, to remove the soap and water residues, because let the water dry in the sun It will make the crystals foggy, if we do not apply glass cleaner afterward.

Clean the car windows inside

A good trick to clean the windshield wiper is to use damp newspaper. To clean the car windows inside, we can also simply use kitchen paper, also moistened. We will use a bucket and a tighter amount of water to wet the inside of the car.

Then we will use a synthetic cloth or cloth, impregnated with water and neutral soap (we can clean the windows with ammonia mixed in this water), with movements from top to bottom until completing the windshield, then rinsing with clean water applied to the cloth to remove the soap scraps. We can let it air dry, and then apply a soft cloth in case there is any residue.

Tips and tricks for leaving the windows clean

When cleaning the crystals inside, it is best not to use conventional glass cleaner, since it is not formulated for this type of crystal, and the remedy may be worse than the disease. So better to let them dry, and apply a clean cloth. Newspaper, which is a traditional method, has always been used extensively to clean the windows of the car, since it leaves them very bright and without fences, but it is advisable to wet it a lot to avoid scratching the windows.

We must forget about rags that are very effective for cleaning the home, but not so much for cleaning the windows of the car. It has to be a very smooth, cotton cloth, because otherwise it can leave too much lint on the glass. A very effective trick to clean the windows of the car inside is to use dishwasher detergent, since the interior windows usually accumulate a lot of fat, and with this product, it can be removed very easily.

Although cleaning the windows with ammonia is one of the best options, both if we must clean the windows inside and if we do it outside. In addition to traditional cloths or soft sponges, absorbent kitchen paper is very suitable, as it never leaves marks, and the crystals will be spotless.

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