How To Choose The Best Smart Doorbell?

We always think about increasing the security of our assets. And all the assets are belonging to a house. Forgiving extra security of our house, the modern and smart technologies have developed many devices that help you monitor your house. And for this purpose, the technologies developed a wireless video doorbell instead of traditional doorbell to look at who is waiting behind your door. This is really so amazing! We always search for the best wireless video doorbell to use it in our home or, office.

The smart doorbells are essential to know when someone has arrived home. It helps us know who is behind the door. Also you can talk with them using the voice feature if you want. We tell you everything you have to know from a simple doorbell to a high-tech video door entry.

What to consider when choosing a smart doorbell

As we anticipated in the intro, smart doorbells allow us to answer when they call, being able to establish a conversation. It is common for smart doorbells to integrate a camera that allows us to view the person on the other side of the door as if it were a peephole. Other models are also capable of activating the camera when someone approaches the door, interesting both for visits and to keep marauders under control.

All smart doorbells are connected to a Wi-Fi network but, in addition to this, what other features should we consider?

Single-family home or block of flats?

Smart bells are designed for single-family houses where it is possible to place the bell on the door that opens onto the street and from there monitor the exterior and communicate with the person on the other side of the door. In fact, these devices are usually designed to offer good behavior outdoors.

In the case of living in a block, our responsibility regarding the external bell is limited, so it will be the decision of the neighborhood community to install a camera phone. In that case we will have the possibility of installing the smart doorbell at our door, inside the portal.

Did you have a doorbell before?

The installation and needs are very different depending on whether we already had a bell or if we started from scratch, in the same way as if we can connect it to the current or not.

While there are intelligent doorbells that can be connected by replacing the traditional doorbell button after verifying that the electrical specifications of the installation (otherwise we will require a transformer), others can be installed without the need for cables, exclusively using power in the form of a battery or batteries. This last point is interesting if we lacked a bell and we do not want to carry out an additional electrical installation.

If the installation starts from scratch, we will have to consider what happens when someone rings the bell. And is that although we receive a notice on the phone, at home we do not always have the mobile in hand and/or with sound. In this case, the kit must include a system to emit audible alarms.

If, on the other hand, we choose to install it by replacing one of the lifelong bells, two things can happen: that its mechanism is mechanical and we can replace the button on the door after verifying that the nominal values ​​of the transformer are adequate, or That it is digital (inside there are batteries), in which case we will also require an adapter to be compatible, making installation difficult.

Camera: resolution, viewing angle and dynamic range

The most common thing for smart doorbells is that they deliver video in HD quality, more than enough to see who is calling. However, if you are looking for a higher level of detail, there are also models that reach Full HD resolution.

But the changes in the brightness of the environment represent a challenge in practice. Those with a high dynamic range are able to compensate for bright environments such as sunny days so that, even on the sunniest days, you can clearly see the person behind the door. It is also common for models to have infrared LEDs to see in the dark, after all we can also receive night visits.

Finally, we will pay attention to the angle of vision: those with a narrow-angle will allow us to see the person who is right in front of the camera, but if we are looking to control the environment, it is better to bet on those with a wide-angle.

Movement detector

Another common feature within smart doorbells is motion detectors. This makes it possible that when someone approaches within its radius of action, the camera is activated allowing us to see what is happening on the other side of the door. But not all offer the same control.

Thus, we find models that allow us to adjust the activity level so that the sensor goes into action, starting the recording and the warning. This is especially interesting since the ideal is that it warns us when someone tries to leave something at the door but not when a car prowl nearby.

Your home ecosystem

Your Smart Ring may be your first smart device, in which case it will need to be compatible with your phone’s software.

However, in case you have a smart speaker and other connected gadgets, it is interesting that they share the ecosystem to take advantage of all its functions.

An example: Alexa can alert you that someone is at the door through an Echo speaker, say predefined responses to visitors, or visitor statistics. Similarly, you can also count on a smart lock that opens when you allow it.

Motion sensors

It is common to see these devices in different places. They are widely used in business to warn that someone has entered or left the place. Also, some important information are listed below

To Avoid Accidents
They are ideal to warn you if your children or pets leave a particular area, in case you want to keep them away from swimming pools or are worried that they will get too close to the street.

Unexpected Visits
Placing it outside the house gives you time to prepare when an unexpected visitor arrives, as it sounds before your visit enters the property.

Protection And Security
They are also used in addition to the security system by connecting the alarm to the motion sensors. Upon detecting movement, the alarm sounds, chasing away the intruder.

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