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When you have a terrace, patio door, or balcony in your home and want to separate it from the interiors, you should consider several options. First, define the degree of insolation that space receives in the day, that is, how many hours of sun does it receive in that time. If you are lucky that this balcony or terrace only gives you sun in the morning when the heat is milder, and the sun is more benign, then you can enjoy it and think of a type of door and enclosure for that balcony. On the other hand, if the sun is relentless for a long time on the terrace, especially in the afternoon, the design and materials of the door and the closing of that patio or garden will be different. This analysis will facilitate the choice of materials and types of doors and enclosure that your garden has.

In this book of ideas we will tell you what options you have to make that choice successful. Let’s get started!

What will be the design of the door for your patio?

The design of the terrace doors will depend on the use of the room through which it is accessed and on the insolation that this facade has in most of the year. The insolation of the space will insist on the design of the doors that limit it with the room since we will choose a transparent glass sliding door if the incidence of the sun on that facade is little or light. On the contrary, if the impact of the sun is higher, we will have to use the same door or systems to thermally isolate the room or use curtains that prevent the passage of the sun or filter it.

The use of the room that is next to it also affects the design of the terrace doors, since if it is a bedroom the plan may be different than if it is a living room or dining room. The doors can be one fixed leaf, and one that slides, or two fixed sheets and two that slide, or they can be accordion-type that retract to one side or each half to an opposite side. This will be defined, taking into account the dimensions of both the balcony and the room that has it. If you have limited space for different reasons and a wall that limits the gallery with only a door that opens into the office of some material that is consistent with the style of it, it will be sufficient in this case. The terrace is an extension of the room to which the bedroom, living room.

Exterior door opening system

It is necessary to define where these doors open. The doors of the terraces are generally sliding so that it does not take away space. These doors should allow furniture to be placed with the door leaf fixed as a backrest both inside the room and on the same balcony where they can be placed depending on the size of the pots with plants or some outdoor furniture. Thus, the terrace doors are, in turn, a separator of the use of the rooms and a backrest for the placement of furniture.

What type of glass to use in the design of exterior doors?

The glass that is used in the doors of the terrace as we said will depend on the degree of incidence of the sun. It can be a double glass with a sheet of 4 MM thick and one of 6 MM dense leaving space inside for a camera of air that insulates it from extremes of external temperature and improves sound insulation, in addition to the treatment that is done by installing adhesive papers that block the sun’s rays. Smoke-coloured glass is also used, which in some cases is sufficient to improve heatstroke conditions. 

The grinding or texturing of the glass treatment that can be done before installing it to use it when you want to give privacy to the room that has the balcony without resorting to curtains and having light input, also with this treatment you can make designs that according to the style of the apartment combines perfectly-being this motif an addition to the interior design. This last option is a little expensive, which is currently being carried out with vinyl coatings with great acceptance in the market in terms of quality of designs.

Thus we have that the glass that is used will depend on several factors that must be analysed before starting the remodelling to replace those that they currently have.

What is the most durable material for exterior doors?

Glass doors are durable and easy to maintain; choosing the frames to use is where the difference may lie. The structures can be aluminum; long-lasting can be said to be timeless or wooden frames treated with layers of sealant and varnishes that protect it from rain and sun. In these cases, as they are partially exposed to the weather, they will have to be maintained from time to time to prevent deterioration. Maintenance should be preventive since when they have been damaged, it is more difficult and expensive to do so. 

Every 6 or 8 months, depending on the climate of the area, you should apply fine sandpaper and a few layers of varnish to your wooden frames. The same principle must be followed if the decision is to place fixed shutter-type wooden doors that are beautiful but more expensive and require more maintenance throughout their useful life.

What colour will the terrace doors have?

The colour of your terrace doors will depend on the material you use to build them, whether it is glass or wood. The latter, in addition to being treated with its products to avoid damage from exposure to the elements, can be painted with a colour that represents part of the style of the room to which it belongs.

In the doors that are exposed to the facades of the building they must be pending with the regulations of the condominium to which they belong since in many cases, as the doors of the balconies are part of the facades, they must be of the material and colour indicated in the condo document. When you want to change your doors or the colour of them, consult first so that the investment you make is not affected later.

The size of the exterior doors

The dimensions of the terrace doors will depend on the aspects of the space and the use and design of the room you access since it is necessary to design it according to these premises. The bi-fold door that opens either by folding it down, sliding it, or opening it against a wall should not be less than 1MT so that it allows you to place some furniture on the terrace and give it its intended use. It all depends on the design that has been made.

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