How to choose the best car door speaker?

As with the speakers in our living room, when looking for a speaker for our car, we find various proposals with different powers and qualities. So, you know how to find the most suitable model for your needs, take a look at the guidelines that you will find in our guide to buy the best car speaker and enjoy quality sound without complications or problems.

Power and sound quality

One of the most common elements in any comparison of car speakers is the power of the product. Something that is related to the quality of the sound, although not always a greater power implies a sound of greater clarity or quality.

The power is the parameter that indicates the capacity or force that the speakers will have to generate sound. In this case, due to the characteristics of the car radio systems, it is frequent that it is distributed in several channels, so we must see if it is total power or power per channel. An average power would be about 4 x 30, where we have four channels of 30 watts each, while the high ones start at 50 watts per channel, or 4 × 50.

As for quality, in addition to directly depending on the product’s own design, it also has to do with something easier to see, such as the range of the speakers. The wider the accepted sound range, the richer it will be and the higher audio quality you will get when listening to your radio. By the way, don’t forget that even if you have the best speakers on the market, if the sound source doesn’t match up, you’ll still have poor sound quality.

Manufacturing materials

Within the wide range of speakers that we have on the market, the quality of the materials is one of the aspects that most influences how much the product costs. This does not mean that an economic speaker is not good, but as almost always, at a higher cost, generally, higher quality, both from the equipment itself and from its sound.

Within these materials, it is convenient to see the quality of the different electrical elements, since they are the ones that have the greatest influence on the sound quality. A quality electrical system and connectors will generate cleaner sounds and will also avoid possible risks such as premature deterioration of the speakers themselves.

The other key part has to do with the cones and the plastic elements of the speakers. In this case it is convenient to look for products made of polypropylene and other high-quality plastics, which generate more sound. This is even more important in active speaker models, where sound physically displaces the speaker cone.

In order for the displacement and response of the bass when sounding to generate more pleasant enveloping sensations, it is key that the material has the necessary quality for it. Do not forget, either, to check the material and design of the visible elements, such as the cages or the mounting brackets of the product, which must be in this quality line.

Assembly and installation

As a last important question when looking for car speakers, it is worth evaluating the product assembly and installation process. Something in which we must consider the space necessary to physically place the speaker and the connector. And if they are active speakers, they may require space to move, so we must also take this into account.

In general, it is better to bet on car speakers that have a standardized installation, since we will not have to touch up the connectors to fit the existing installation. If the vehicle installation is old, it may not fit with modern models, although, in this case, it is advisable to change and update the connectors so that in the future everything will be easier.

Do not forget to have wiring with which to provide the necessary power and electrical supply for the speakers. Poor quality wiring or insufficient power can damage the speakers or directly impede their use.

If necessary, you can always complement the system with amplifiers and other elements. Anyway, as we have commented for other products, the simpler the process, the better to save you hassles and worries.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a car speaker box?
The first thing you should do is measure the speakers. Cut four pieces of MDF, using material that is at least 12 mm thick. With this make a rectangle, following the measurements of the speakers and adding 5 centimeters.

Cut two more pieces, suitable for the measurements of the previous ones. Measure the speaker radius and trace it over the material, then proceed to cut it. In another sheet, make a hole of 5 centimeters and cut. Do this process with a jigsaw to make the finish more neat.

Arrange each piece and proceed to join the parts of the box with a drill, glue and silicone sealant. If desired, make thin strips of wood to reinforce the interior.

Place the speaker in the hole and mark the place to screw it in so that it is just right. Remove and pre-drill each hole. Wait for the inside of the box to dry for a full day before doing the job.

After that, connect the speaker cords through the hole you left open, and if you want to have a clearer sound, then fill both the bottom and top with polyethylene.

Insert the speaker and fix the connectors. Proceed to screw in the fixture, and then seal the openings so the sound doesn’t escape. Wait again one day.

Q2: How to repair car speakers?
It all depends on exactly what needs to be repaired. If you do not have any knowledge on this, it is better to take the speakers to an expert to guide you and indicate if the speakers are repairable, as there are some cases in which the artifacts are burned and cannot be restored.

If you try to repair them without knowing the problem, it is likely that you will end up damaging them even more and this will waste time, money and, in addition, can cause other problems in the car.

Q3: Why do car speakers vibrate?
The speakers may be loose, and in that case they need to be adjusted until they are in the correct position. There is also the possibility that some component has been damaged and now causes this constant vibration when using them.

However, one of the most common reasons is electric current, as some radios do not have the same speaker power and may not be suitable for reproducing sound of the quality you desire, causing the speakers to turn up when you turn up the volume. vibrate or rumble.

Q4: How to connect MP3 to car speakers?
The mp3 should not be connected directly to the speakers, but to the radio linked to the speakers. This is because the impedance is different between mp3 players and speakers which can cause the mp3 to burn.

Modern car radios offer MP3 plugs or AUX cables so you can hear your music from your car speakers by controlling everything from the radio. In this way, you can enjoy the speakers but in a more secure way.

Q5: How to connect speaker cables to car radio?
Keep in mind that the thickest terminal is the one that serves as positive and the thinnest terminal is the one that serves as negative. If you are using speakers of the same power as you had, you only need to remove the previous speakers and respect the wiring, placing it the same with these new speakers.

Use the correct polarity to avoid sound loss and speaker deterioration.

Q6: How to measure car speakers?
With a tape measure, measure, first, the depth of the speaker, from the top to the back where the connection is made. Then, just proceed to measure height and width, so that when finished, you can measure the diameter of the speaker that will indicate the opening necessary to install it.

Q7: Why don’t my car speakers sound?
It is very likely that a connection failure is the cause of the problem. This may be because they have deteriorated, burned from overuse, etc. This would require a wiring change.

However, they may simply not be connected correctly. Verify.

Q8: How to put car speakers to computer?
It is not recommended to connect directly to the PC source, because magnetic links can cause problems on both the hard drive and the motherboard of the computer.

To minimize the risks, it is recommended to buy an amplifier that helps you connect the speakers to it, while the device connects to the computer. Make sure that the voltages, power and impedance are compatible and adequate to avoid damage.

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