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Before the invention of smart devices, it was difficult to know who is knocking at the door. We had to guess the person by talking at the opposite side of the door. And it wasn’t safe sometimes anymore. But now we have the new generation of doorbells that provides us the security to a new level with high-tech features of digital technologies. There are several security systems in these doorbells that you can everything with wireless technology, motion, voice and video features. Yes! We are going to discuss about the best wireless video doorbells and each and everything of it.

Acquiring the best wireless smart video doorbell system at a good price is a great investment if it is about providing greater security and access control to your residence or workplace. These devices are very useful since, through a video camera, they allow visitors to be monitored internally and in real-time without necessarily having to be given access to the site.

If you decide to buy it, it is necessary that you know the characteristics and benefits of each of these devices so that you make an informed purchase adapted to what you really need.

Top 5 Best Wireless Video Doorbells 2020 Comparison

Preview Name Integration Connectivity Check Details
best wireless video doorbellRing Video Doorbell with HD Video Alexa, Motion Sensor Wi-Fi Check Latest Price
smart video doorbells Eufy 2K Security Doorbell Alexa, Google Assistant, Motion Sensor Wi-Fi Check Latest Price
smart video doorbell Ring Video Doorbell 2 Alexa, Advanced Motion Sensor Wi-Fi Check Latest Price

1. Ring Smart Video Doorbell with HD Video, Motion, Alexa

This wireless video doorbell builds with some effective features that really so helpful for us. It included a 720p HD camera that allows you to see who is waiting. Also, you can speak and hear with the person waiting behind the door at a time. As it is wireless and need the internet to connect with you, so it includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to get connected with your Smart Phone. It will work perfectly with Amazon Alexa with the voice command “Alexa, talk to the front door.”.

Its pre-build motion sensor will notify you when anything it is detected in the motion area. From anywhere you are, you can view your house using the Ring app from Android/iOS. Its viewing angle is 160 degrees that allows you to give a long-range coverage.

However, it is very easy to install it in your house without anyone’s help. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery to let it functions well. For getting rid of recharging, you can add a wire connection. Besides, it will inform you when the battery is low.

As its records videos and motions, so it needs cloud storage where it saves up to 60 days of records. And it charges about $3/month per device with Protection Plan provided by Ring. It is really great to monitor your missed videos for up to 2 months. We recommend it as one of the best wireless video doorbells for your house.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fully wireless
  • Up to 60 days records history
  • Works with Alexa
  • Motion detector
  • Paid subscription required to view recorded videos

2. Eufy 2K Security Smart Doorbell

Getting a crystal-clear doorbell is not bad in such a small device! If you are looking for such a beautiful device that has 1080p and 2560 x 1920 resolution video and HDR picture quality, there is no alternate of Eufy 2K security doorbell. This doorbell assures the security of your family and privacy. Its built-in storage keeps all the activity of the cameras. And the Military-grade AES-256 Bit encryption will give the best data security. Its camera uses a 4:3 aspect ratio photo that’s are clear and bigger than others. And give a clear view of every single movement.

When anybody comes around your front door, the camera instantly takes a snapshot and send over your connected Smartphone before ringing the bell. Also, a push notification will appear in your Smartphone.

Its smart detection zone will capture the motion and send alert to you as a careful notice when anything comes in its zone. You can also set your pre-recorded speech so that anybody comes to the doorbell and it will be played.

Using Amazon Alexa or, Google Assistant, it is much easier to control. Commanding Alexa as “Hey Alexa, show me my front door” will help you check out the activity anytime you want. All the smart facilities you are getting in it. And it is one of our recommended for you.

  • High-resolution imaging
  • Smart motion detection zone
  • Voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Water Resistance
  • Wiring required to functions
  • Not integrated with third-party devices

3. Ring Wireless Video Doorbell 2

The updated version of Ring Video Doorbell comes with the name Ring Video Doorbell 2 with some awesome features and updates. The previous version had a 720p HD camera but, the update version improves the camera quality up to 2K 1080p HDR video and imaging. Its slim body structure and eye-catching design really so attractive. Its smart motion sensor identifies an object and sends you notification instantly to make you aware about the object is detected.

This wireless smart video doorbell can be controlled easily using the Ring app. Its cloud storage allows you to check out recorded history up to 60 days for a flexible price.

Like others doorbell that have its own storage has limitation. You have to delete the recorded details from the own storage doorbell. So, it is easily comparable with cloud storage devices.  The place where the wire can’t be used, this item is perfect to use with its rechargeable strong battery. It used a quickly removable battery that helps us replace the battery fast without using any screwdriver. So, this is one of the best wireless video doorbell that can be used in your house without thinking a second time.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • High-Resolution Camera
  • Fully wireless
  • Up to 60 days records history
  • Works with Alexa
  • Advanced Motion detector
  • Paid subscription required to view recorded videos

What to consider before buying a smart video doorbell?

When we plan to buy something, a lot of questions comes to our head. It’s our habit. So, it is common to have questions about buying a smart video doorbell. Before buying a smart video doorbell, some basic information about the products you should keep in your mind. For your convenience we made a perfect note that might help you choose the best wireless video doorbell.

Camera Quality and Resolution:

Before selecting any product, you should check its camera quality that can provide you perfect video and photo of any object. A high-resolution camera can capture perfect photos and videos as well. The maximum resolution of a smart doorbell camera is 2K or, 1080p. Also, some smart doorbell camera has a night vision feature that can detect objects at night. So, you should consider thinking about it.

Live Communication:

A recent smart doorbell has a two-way communication feature that allows you to talk with the person behind your front door. Its installed microphone sends the person voice to you and you can instantly reply to his speech. You can easily view and talk with the person before letting them enter into your house.

Motion Detection:

Most of smart video doorbells are including motion sensors to detect any object and send alerts to the connected smartphone automatically. It allows you to be conscious about the object it is detected. For any unusual activity, you can easily take necessary steps just seeing motion activity.

Smart Home Integration:

Smart video doorbells are now integrating various Smart Home features like voice command with supported devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit and so on. This feature gives you control of the video doorbell using voice commands. It’s really an awesome feature that you need to consider.

Storage Costs:

Some smart video doorbell has pre-installed storage and some has cloud storage with paid subscription plan. The pre-installed storage has some limitations that you will be needed to delete your videos after a limited time to store new videos. But the cloud storage smart doorbells have no usage limit. It keeps all video records up to 60 days. Its paid subscription cost around $30-$40 each year and $3-$5 monthly basis. But we think it is much safer than pre-installed storage though it is a little bit pricey.

Power Source:

Every smart device needs a power source to work. Some smart doorbell has a battery system, some has rechargeable battery system and some has external wired power supply. Every system has some good and bad sides. The battery system smart doorbell power is limited and it needs to change the battery or needs to recharge it after a time. And the wired doorbell needs to connect with external power which sometimes disgusting. But many people prefer to use wired smart doorbell. Here is some comparison with the wired and wireless smart video doorbell.

Wired Video Doorbell
  • Don’t need batteries
  • Easy to install if you have a wired doorbell.
  • No range limitation
Wireless Video Doorbell
  • Need batteries or, recharge
  • Easy to move and install
  • No wire needed to work


We’ve tried our best to research and write the proper guidelines about using and choosing the best wireless video doorbell. If this post helps you a little bit, please share this post to support us and inspire us.

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