Top 10 Best Sliding Glass Door Lock 2020 | Review & Guide

To ensure the best security of your house, a strong and durable lock is first need. It’s not only a lock but also a guard of your house! So, it is necessary to use a sliding glass door lock in your sliding doors. Sometimes, it becomes a matter of pain to choose the perfect sliding door lock when you actually search everywhere to get it. For saving your valuable time and releasing you from pain we did a deep research on some best sliding glass door lock and listed them below for your convenience.

1. Rockwell Charlotte – Best Sliding Glass Door Lock with Handle B000GYEXS0

If you are planning to add security to your slider door, you must have to use a lock for that. And this item is exactly doing this. Its lock with handle is designed with 7 different eye-catching colors are really gorgeous. Not only its color, but also its durability is good as well. It is highly compatible on any sliding door with a mortise locking system. And also the installation of this lock is very easy and straight forward. It’s easily washable, impact and water resistance. So, it can be bought for your sliding door without thinking a second time.

2. Prime-Line C 1033 Sliding Glass Door Handle Set with key lock B000I1VAZ0

Some people might like to not use sliding glass door lock with handle. They search for something like flat lock which will be attached with the sliding glass. Skipping handle, it uses hole in the center and fingers are used in it to open it. It is manufactured from die cast materials with painted colors. And the traditional lock isn’t used here. The flush lock with hook is normally used here for locking the door instantly without using any type’s key.  Also the key locking system is included for the extra security.

3. Veranda Sliding Glass Door Handle Set with Mortise Lock B01NBE2VEC

For securing veranda sliding glass doors, you can take look on this item. Its nice solid interior handle features, high durability and design will definitely takes your mind. There is also having an easy to grip the handle with wonderful clearance of fingers. Outside pull feature and thumb latch make it more user friendly. This item comes with about 10 different colors. So, it will be quite easy to pick one of the designs that adjust with your sliding door and which you like most.

4. Center Position Keylocking Sonoma Sliding Door B005D5P08E

When you have two sliding doors that needs to slide from each opposite sides, you will be needed an adjustment locker that will always keeps the door secure. And in this case, this item will work perfectly. It adjusts the doors easily. It has mortise lock application system. Its key lock system is prepared beautifully with free 2 keys. It comes with 3 different colors. For a best accommodation with sliding glass door, a beautiful and highly secure locking system is first need. And this item has all the things you actually look for.

5. Rockwell Charlotte Offset Keylocking Sliding Door Handle with 3/4″ Offset Keylock B075WYYSTF

The Rockwell Charlotte Offset Keylocking Sliding Door is mainly designed to ensure the adjustment and the security of your glass door. It’s built with metal with smooth latch takes a very small effort the lock it instantly.  The handle of this sliding lock is easily switchable. You just need to point out during the installation process. And most of all, the installation is very easy than any other items. And the key locker will give you a heavy security for your glass door. It has 2 varieties of color which are standard to fit with any kinds of sliding glass doors. So, it goes without saying one of the best sliding glass door lock.





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