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The kitchen is one of the spaces where most are shared in a house. It is common for us to use it for cooking, of course, but also to make some meals, usually breakfast or coffee. It is a room that must be well-lit and cozy.

best kitchen curtains

We know that housewives love that their kitchens are nice and beautiful, but we also know how difficult it can be to choose the best kitchen curtains that suits all the needs of functionality and decoration, that’s why we have prepared a buying guide where you will find everything that is necessary to make the best decision.

The 10 Best Kitchen Curtains Of 2020 Comparison

First most important

  • We will try to make your only concern the choice of your curtain design, otherwise, we will make your purchase easier by giving you all the information you need, after reading this buying guide you will know exactly where and how you can install your curtain, and other things.
  • The kitchen curtains differ in their shapes, the most common are the side, the folding, and the smooth. Each one has a different function and adapts to different window sizes, it is a matter of knowing them and knowing which one suits you best.
  • To the type of kitchen curtain there are other factors to look at to really install the precise curtain. Among them are the style, designs, materials and the size of the window. If you control all these variables, you will have the perfect shade.

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The main difficulty of choosing a kitchen curtain is that you decide on one of the variety of models and designs that you can find, otherwise let us advise you on the other aspects that you must take into account to make the best of purchases.

How to choose the style of your kitchen curtain?

If you want to create a harmonious space in your kitchen, you should start by evaluating the style of decoration of your kitchen to match it. For example, there are more minimalist or modern kitchens that suit a plain curtain style and solid or solid colors.

In rustic kitchens you will be able to wear side curtains and perhaps flower or picture prints. White lace curtains also fit nicely with the rustic style because they blend perfectly with the wood. The most modern kitchens look amazing with folding curtains.

Bando kitchen curtains, folding or plain – what should you pay attention to?

The kitchen curtains must meet some special characteristics to adapt to your kitchen, however there are three fundamental types that in turn may have slight variations or be different only by design. The important thing is to know which one is more functional for you.

Bando. This kitchen curtain is definitely a favorite. It is characterized by having a border or ruffle on the top and then the two vertical panels that are separated to allow the user to choose how to use them. There are variations that include two levels of vertical panels.Folding kitchen curtains don’t take up much space

Foldable. They are the blind-type curtains that open horizontally, that is, from the bottom up. They are ideal because they do not take up much space. There are fabrics, although the most common is to get them from flexible plastic.

Smooth. Smooth curtains are the best known, but not the most used for the kitchen. They are characterized by being two or more panels installed vertically. Although they are called smooth they are usually a little folded at the top to give it movement.

StyleRustic and traditionalModern and elegantAll styles
DesignsPictures, fruits, lace and fabricsSolidUnicolor, lace and fabrics
materialsPolyester, Combination, fabricPolyester and CombinationPolyester, Combination, fabric
Window sizeLess than 2 metersLess than 1 meterGreater than 2 meters

What kitchen curtains can you use for furniture without doors?

Although the dream of a perfect kitchen is to have all the furniture and cabinets with doors so that it always looks tidy and clean, the fact is that many people do not have them and choose to put kitchen curtains that are undoubtedly an excellent solution.

The type of kitchen curtain that suits you, in this case, is the smooth one since the folding one would be very uncomfortable to open and close while you cook. The side is also not practical and less if it is the three levels. So the ideal is smooth and made of polyester fabric.

Should I call a professional to install the kitchen curtains?

Normally kitchen curtains are easy to install, however everything will depend on the type of window you have and the system of the curtain you have to install them, if you already have it. If you don’t have it, buy one that is simple.

To install it you must have the necessary tools: drill, hammer, etc. If you think that you cannot install it yourself, it is best that you call someone who knows how to do it because this way you will avoid bad times and you will have a guarantee of a job well done.

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and qualify the different models of kitchen curtains

When dressing the kitchen, it is not only important to choose a suitable curtain model, you must also think about other factors that will make you get the most advantage in terms of decoration, but also in terms of practicality of use. What we recommend you keep in mind is:

  • Style
  • Designs
  • materials
  • Window size


The style of the kitchen curtain is the one that defines the harmony with the whole of the space. Before choosing a curtain, you should carefully evaluate the style of decoration and architecture of your kitchen so that you look for one that is in tune with it and enhances its character.

Modern. Modern kitchens are usually austere in their decoration. They favor solid colors and geometric shapes, whether they opt for the colorful or the monochromatic. Modern kitchen curtains have these same characteristics, if it is your case, a foldable or smooth one suits you, with no design or something discreet.The union of the rustic with curtains of modern kitchens go well

Rustic. It is the country style with irregular walls, stone and wood. Almost all styles look great in these houses, depending on the trend of the other decorative elements. The union of the rustic with modern kitchen curtains is interesting as well as with delicate lace or side curtains.

Traditional. The traditional style is what we find in a house whose decoration has been more naive than really thoughtfully designed. Not for that reason they stop being beautiful, harmonious and very welcoming, in fact it is the common one of the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers.

Elegant. Elegant kitchen curtains are also more identified with plain curtain type, although don’t exclude the idea of ​​a delicate and fluffy light-colored side curtain with discreet designs, possibly some fruit details.


At the end is the design that defines which curtain will dress the window of our kitchen. There are as many designs as you can imagine, but there are some classic motifs that never go out of style and are still the most used.

Fruits. The fruit motif is very consistent with the kitchen space. Kitchen curtains decorated with fruits are often combined with other fabrics with small colored squares, for example. These designs look great in rustic or traditional kitchens.

Picture. The pictures will always be a hit. Whether paired with white or alone, small frames will never fail. The preference is in red, blue and even black. They look great in rustic, traditional kitchens and, be sure to try even if you have a modern kitchen … you may be surprised!

Unicolor. Solid or solid colors are an excellent alternative for small kitchens because they give a feeling of spaciousness, even more so if the colors are light. They are an ideal style for folding or plain curtains. What color would suit your kitchen?

Woven or lace. Another classic design is woven or lace. They are a very delicate style because they are generally white and very light, almost translucent fabrics. They are ideal when it is necessary to conserve the luminosity provided by the window and also when the kitchen is small. They are elegant and a bit naive at the same time.


The basic material of kitchen curtains is fabric, however there are other materials that are often used and that look beautiful. When choosing your kitchen curtain, take a good look at the type of fabric it uses because hygiene depends on it.

100% polyester. Kitchen curtain fabrics are generally made of 100% polyester fabric since, as this plastic fiber contains, the fabric is less absorbent of liquids and fats, it also tends to stain less and is very easy to wash and quick to dry. .

Combination. Some kitchen curtains offer a combination of fabrics, for example 50% cotton and 50% polyester, in this case the texture of the curtain will be softer and perhaps the fabric will drop, but keep in mind that it is more prone to dirt.

Tissue. There is a temptation to use crochet curtains, however, they are not the most recommended although they certainly look great. This fiber, which is normally cotton yarn, will absorb all the grease from the kitchen, it will look very unpleasant.

Window size

Not because it is the last factor, it is the least important. In addition to the style of decoration of your kitchen, you must evaluate very well the architectural space of that room. Take into account the size of the window, the amount of light entering and the need for ventilation.

Less than 1 meter. If the window is small you will probably need to make the most of the light, if so, you should install a light-colored kitchen curtain or better still a lace curtain that lets in plenty of light and ventilation. It will also depend on what is outside.

Up to 2 meters. A window of this size is considered a good window, surely with good lighting and ventilation. This measure is wonderful to overflow with creativity and take advantage of space. Surely they will be very good some smooth or folding kitchen curtains.

Greater than 2 meters. A window of this dimension is a bay window and can sometimes be a problem. It may be feasible to leave one area without curtains and another covered with a light curtain, although you may want to control the light a bit. Maybe folding ones are the solution.

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