Top 10 Best Door Knobs 2020 – Reviews And Guides

If you are looking to renovate a room or a room, one of the things you should not overlook is not the paint, nor the floor, but the entrance itself. You won’t end up feeling like you’ve done a complete makeover if every time you open the door, you feel like you’re walking into the same old room.

It may not seem like it, but you don’t need to change the entire door to feel the change. Buying the best knobs on the market will literally put in your hands the opportunity to feel like you are entering a new place. This guide will not only help you buy models to renew, but it will also help to repair damaged ones.

How much does a knob cost?

Being simple accessories, these products are generally inexpensive. A metal knob will cost between 95 to 860 MXN, and its price will depend on its finish and the material used. Wooden knobs will be similar in price to brass, although it will depend a lot on the workshop where you will buy it.

Glass knobs are the most expensive, since the simplest and without locks can cost from 200 to 500 MXN. Those with locks and more detailed designs will cost from 860 to more than 2,000 MXN. It is important to know that many of these locks need special door accommodations.

Where to buy a knob?

It’s always a good idea to start on Amazon, because you can buy knobs of all kinds supported by user reviews, comfortable shipping and good guarantees. Other E-commerce pages to acquire these products are Sale, Offertia, Mercadolibre and Ebay, the latter two being the best for finding custom or wooden models.

Other places to buy knobs are home goods stores like Grainger, Home Depot, Office Depot, Casa Marcus, Tover Mexico, and Locinox. Some stores like Ezon and Best Buy offer electronic lock knobs. If none of those chains is near your home, you can also go to any hardware store near you.

Purchase criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and qualify the different models of knobs

Now that you know the basics, now it’s your turn to learn what features to pay attention to when buying knobs. Knowing these factors will allow you to choose the ideal knob for your entrance, without going through the headache of choosing models of poor quality or that are not compatible with your doors.

  • Door type
  • Thickness range
  • Finishes
  • Locks

Door type

The type of door you will install your knob on is the first thing to consider. They all have very different design specifications, so you can’t just buy a model for a wooden door and install it on a glass door. Next, we will tell you how to identify the knobs for each type of door.

Wooden: With wooden doors being the most common, its knobs are the best-selling on the market. They can come in models with a built-in lock, or with a mortise lock, which is below the knob. It has an easier installation than the rest, since you only need to screw the knob to its circular socket.

Glass: Glass doors may need professionals to install. This is because while some models are only installed by fastening, others need holes in the door. It is preferable to hire an expert to perform them, as this ensures your health and the integrity of the door.

Metal: Metal doors typically use mortise lock knobs. Since your metal door most likely already has one, it’s more convenient to buy them at hardware stores and physical stores where you can easily compare models.

Thickness range

All knobs on the market have a range of compatibility with the place where they will be installed. This range refers to the thickness of the doors, it is measured in millimeters and it is extremely important to pay attention to this. Buying a handle of the wrong thickness will bring you a lot of headaches.

What happens if I choose a knob of the wrong range? If you install a knob on a door whose range is greater than that of the door, it will be loose and under-secured. If you do not try to install one whose thickness range is less than that of the door, you will not even be able to install it because it will not have enough space to be secured.

How to know if a knob is compatible with a door? It’s easy to get the correct measurement, just measure the thickness of your door and compare it to the range accepted by the knob you want. Let’s say your glass door is 4mm thick, so you should look for a knob whose utility range includes 4mm, such as a 4-6mm.


The finish of a knob greatly influences its price, as it is what defines its appearance. There are many types of finishes available, and you can choose them simply for their appearance as it does not influence their useful life or operation. Just try to choose one that looks pretty on your door and matches the theme of the room.

Metal Knobs: Some metals, such as brass, copper, and silver, change color and tone when subjected to certain chemicals and processes. The most common are aging, which gives the knob an old-fashioned look, a matte coating called satin, or a simple polish. It is also possible to paint them with special paints.

Wood Knobs: The appearance of the wood depends a lot on the tree where it is obtained, and it can be light, dark and often with some kind of patterns and grooves. It is possible to darken it, lighten it and even change its color using varnishes. If you like DIY, you can sand them and change the varnish on your own.

Glass knobs: The finish of this type of knob depends both on the color of the glass used to manufacture it, and on the cuts made on the knob. Try to use it in places where the constant use of keys is not required, since it is possible to scratch or break them by accident.


Since home security is a high priority for everyone, it is important to pay attention to the lock incorporated in the knobs. For starters, make sure that the doors to enter your home are secure against attempts to disarm, such as drills, locks or knocks. For the rooms you can ignore this characteristic.

Key lock: Try to make the knobs with lock that you are going to buy incorporate at least two keys, because your lock would be unusable if you lost the only copy you have. Some brands incorporate a system that allows you to configure the internal mechanism, so you do not have to change the knob in case a key is lost.

Electronic Locks: Certain knobs incorporate a system of electronic locks. These can be the typical models that open with cards, security codes or magnets. There are also models that incorporate opening both by key and by phone via Bluetooth, although for now they are not recommended.

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